What to Know About East Caicos

East Caicos is one of the most beautiful and secluded islands in the Turks and Caicos. This blog post will tell you all you need to know about this amazing island!

East Caicos is the largest uninhabited island in the Turks and Caicos chain. It covers an area of approximately 20 square miles (52 kmĀ²). The island is lush and green, with several small lakes dotting its surface. The highest point on East Caicos is Flamingo Point, which rises to a height of 150 feet (46 m).

The island is home to a variety of wildlife, including iguanas, lizards, and birds. There are also several species of fish that can be found in the waters around East Caicos.

Additional info

  • The island is a part of the Turks and Caicos Islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • It is approximately 20 miles long, and 14 miles wide.
  • The population of the island is zero.
  • The climate is tropical, with an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

East Caicos History

East Caicos is an uninhabited island located just off the beaten path. This makes it the perfect day trip for those looking to get away from it all. The island is large, at 18 square miles, and its highest point provides stunning views of the surrounding area. Swamps and mangroves inundate a majority of the island, but there is also a 17-mile beach on the north coast that is perfect for exploring. The beach is usually only used by sea turtles to lay their eggs because of the large mosquito population.

However, adventurous travelers can still enjoy its beauty. Near Jacksonville, on the northwest side of the island, there are a series of caves that used to be used for mining bat guano. These caves are now home to petroglyphs that provide early evidence of settlers on the island. East Caicos was once home to a large sisal plantation and cattle industry, but it is now deserted. East Caicos is a beautiful island that is well worth a visit.